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About Kathleen A. Browning Sheridan, Esq., P.C.

Kathleen was born and raised in New York State before moving to New Jersey where she lives with her husband in Southern Ocean County, on the Jersey Shore. While raising three children, Kathleen attended William Paterson University and then Rutgers School of Law in Newark.

Kathleen has been a practicing attorney in New Jersey for over 20 years and has devoted her energy to providing exemplary service in the fields of elder law, estate planning and administration, special needs planning, guardianship and real estate.

As a solo practitioner, Kathleen readily recognizes the unique needs of every client and takes pride in communicating a sincere interest, along with important legal advice, in order to provide comfort to the client and instill confidence and trust in the attorney-client relationship.

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Elder Law News & Updates

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Probate Process: A General Timeline

In general, the probate process moves quickly if the estate has minimal assets and little debt. Larger estates can take anywhere from nine months to a few years, especially with problematic [...]

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